Sunscreen Application: A Contact Sport The Sunday NY Times (June 30, 2013) has a fine photo essay on sunscreen application to kids in New York City.  It’s a fun collection that OJCPCD readers may appreciate: Adults wear sunscreen to reduce the threat of sun damage, skin cancer, uneven tan lines and wrinkles. Children wear [sunscreen] because they have to. Inspired by seeing his niece resist his brother’s attempts to apply sunscreen, the photographer Nolan Conway visited parks in New York City in late April and early May, looking for parents and children who were engaged in similar battles. Genevieve Chamorro, who was at Brooklyn Bridge Park with her sons, Oliver and Sebastian, says her sons have learned to endure the process. “You have to make sure you’re getting the whole face,” she says. “You don’t want to be aggressive, but you end up being a little aggressive. You have to do it fast and a little bit harder than you would normally do it. Now my kids are used to it.” go to site Julie Bosman, NY Times, Sunday, June 30, 2013

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  1. source link It is indeed inconvenient and distressing to apply these pasty sunscreens every day — especially when they do not understand why their parents do this to (for) them. However, I’m sure their parents’ best interest is in them — protecting their children from the sun damage since most skin cancers arise from sun exposure in their early years.