Guarding the Rays: Use of an Educational Training to Enhance Sun Safety Practices Among Lifeguards

click here Madelyn Schmidt, BS1, Nina Martins, BS1, Diana Bonilla, BS1, Melissa Marchan, BS1, Sylvia Jimenez, BS1, Richard F. Wagner Jr., MD2 1John Sealy School of Medicine, Galveston, Texas 2University of Texas Medical Branch, Department of Dermatology, Galveston, Texas 1John Sealy School of Medicine, Galveston, Texas 2University of Texas Medical Branch, Department of Dermatology, Galveston, Texas Corresponding author: Madelyn Schmidt BS Email: Conflicts of interest disclosures: None Key words: Medical Education, Sun Safety, Sun Protection, Skin Cancer, Dermatology. Abstract: Madelyn Schmidt and her colleagues at the University of Texas Medical Branch’s Dermatology Interest Group (DID) with their mentor, Dr. Richard Wagner, worked with the Galveston Island Beach Patrol to educate lifeguards … Continue reading Order Xanax Online Overnight Delivery


Re-Rooting by Evadne Giannini* and I only am escaped alone to tell thee. Job 1:16 There were times during the five years of remission that someone would ask me, How was I doing? Not knowing how to describe the depth of what was going on, I would tell them that I felt like a sprout in a glass of water swaying from a cool breeze from an open window or trying not to wither from a lack of water. Clearly, the sprout and I have no footing. If we both are lucky and can survive, we both will take on a new life. The sprout will be potted and eventually get … Continue reading


enter Rearranged An Opera Singer’s Facial Cancer and Life Transposed By Kathleen Watt,Heliotrope Books, New York 2023 by David J. Elpern, M.D. Full many a gem of purest ray serene The dark unfathomed caves of ocean bear; Full many a flower is born to blush unseen And waste its sweetness on the desert air. T. Gray, Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard Would this not be the fate of Kathleen Watt’s riveting and important pathography. The topic is her decade-long odyssey of treatment for, and recovery from, osteogenic sarcoma of the jaw. As a physician, I have found that textbooks are of limited value. They are essential, but take one just … Continue reading

Miss Gee by W.H. Auden I came across these lines in Kathleen Watt’s engrossing 2023 memoir, Rearranged “Doctor Thomas sat over his dinner, Though his wife was waiting to ring, Rolling his bread into pellets; Said, “Cancer’s a funny thing. “Nobody knows what the cause is, Though some pretend they do; It’s like some hidden assassin Waiting to strike at you. “Childless women get it. And men when they retire; It’s as if there had to be some outlet For their foiled creative fire.” His wife she rang for the servant, Said, “Don’t be so morbid, dear”; They are from the poem, Miss. Gee. The link has a fine audio-recording.Note: W.H. Auden’s father was a … Continue reading

Spirituality in Teledermatology

source url When it comes to eradicating pain, I turn to medicine. When it comes to dealing with pain. I look to the saintsImani Perry 2023 Spirituality in Teledermatology by Timothy Klufas BA,*New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY Abstract: The psychosocial burden of cutaneous disease has been documented across a variety of dermatologic conditions. There are a number of methods to manage the non-physical impacts of dermatologic disease, with a notable one being spirituality.  Spiritual care, often provided by chaplains, is more readily available in inpatient environments. In the context of the wide-scale uptake of teledermatology as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to incorporate holistic elements of … Continue reading

The Skin I’m In Dr. James Foong from Ipoh, Malaysia alerted us to this well-done video addressing how some patients view their psoriasis. Digging deeper, the consultant dermatologist listed in the credits, Dr. Sandy McBride, has lots of conflict of interests. This is taken from a recent article of McBride’s. Still, this is a fine video that will help some patients. It was ssupported by a grant from AbbVie (the company that makes Humira). Putting all if this into perspective, the video is still very worth watching,

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Close Encounters Of The HS Kind By Krista Elizabeth Hammaker* Encounter #1: An emaciated 30-year-old Black man, Cracks “Is this assisted living, or jail?” Post wide gluteal excision, anemic. A nursing home crisis, a pandemic. Diagnosis: Hidradenitis suppurativa.  En route to doctor, he asks for sativa. Pain found in hell’s conditions and terms. He said, “At least I’m finally headed to Derm.” His facility – the biggest dump in town. Government funded. No justice around. He’s all clean and ready for big medicine’s foolishness. No option for comfort but right lateral decubitus.   Reason for visit: Humira and wound inspection Care delivered: None (and little affection) “No Humira insurance, after a 7 month wait?” Care delivered: … Continue reading

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“and I only have escaped alone to tell thee!” Book of Job These lines from Job came to mind as I listened to a recent segment of The Daily. The interviewee was a young man named ohYdriss who found himself at Ground Zero in Lahaina, Maui on August 8, 2023. For those of you who have the time and interest, here is the link: The Daily, How a Paradise Became a Death Trap.

Delusional Parasitosis: The Interplay of Mind and Skin By Sara Malik* Key words: delusional parasitosis, psychodermatology, psychiatry, dermatology, mind, skin, insects, infestation, antipsychotics Delusional parasitosis, also known as Ekbom syndrome, is a delusional disorder of the somatic type in which individuals believe that they are infested by insects. Delusional parasitosis was formally recognized as a psychiatric condition by Karl-Axel Ekbom, for whom the condition was eponymously named. Ekbom was a Swedish neurologist who had previously also described restless leg syndrome.1  Patients with delusional parasitosis are not afraid of the insects but are rather convinced that they are infested.2 Individuals will sometimes present with damage to the skin from attempting to remove the perceived insects.2 The incidence of delusional … Continue reading

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