Functional Dermatological Symptoms: Hiding in plain sight

Cheap Xanax Pills There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. – Hamlet (1.5.167-8) By David J. Elpern, M.D.The Skin Clinic 12 Meadow Street, Williamstown, MA Keywords: medically unexplained symptoms, medically unexplained dermatological symptoms, MUDS, functional symptoms, dermatology All dermatologists see patients with complaints that defy definitive medical diagnosis.  They consult us with hopes for a conclusive diagnosis and treatment, or even just for someone to listen to their symptoms with a supportive ear. Some of our patients have baffling, unexplained symptoms often related to cutaneous pain, pruritus, unexplained skin sensations or excoriations.   These patients frequently have other symptoms: headaches, chest pain, gastrointestinal disorders, … Continue reading

Cancel Me

go here By Arthur Lazarus, MD, MBA* Cancel me Go ahead Cancel meAcademics despise my remarksMisinterpreted just like Karl Marx Cancel meGo aheadCancel meCall me Republican, call me DemocratRegister me a scientific zealot Cancel me Go ahead Cancel me My intention was to start a debateWhat resulted were claims of hate Cancel me Go ahead Cancel meMy comments (out of context) appeared to condemnApparently, I’ve lost the right to say them Cancel me Go ahead Cancel meYou’ve won the satisfactionOf demanding a retraction (lest I face sanction) Cancel me Go ahead Cancel meCertainly, you’ve seen my flawsAm I not allowed to have a cause? Cancel me Go ahead Cancel meMy ideas were … Continue reading click

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