Close Encounters Of The HS Kind

By Krista Elizabeth Hammaker* Encounter #1: An emaciated 30-year-old Black man, Cracks “Is this assisted living, or jail?” Post wide gluteal excision, anemic. A nursing home crisis, a pandemic. Diagnosis: Hidradenitis suppurativa.  En route to doctor, he asks for sativa. Pain found in hell’s conditions and terms. He said, “At least I’m finally headed to Derm.” His facility – the biggest dump in town. Government funded. No justice around. He’s all clean and ready for big medicine’s foolishness. No option for comfort but right lateral decubitus.   Reason for visit: Humira and wound inspection Care delivered: None (and little affection) “No Humira insurance, after a 7 month wait?” Care delivered: … Continue reading


“and I only have escaped alone to tell thee!” Book of Job

These lines from Job came to mind as I listened to a recent segment of The Daily. The interviewee was a young man named ohYdriss who found himself at Ground Zero in Lahaina, Maui on August 8, 2023. For those of you who have the time and interest, here is the link: The Daily, How a Paradise Became a Death Trap.

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