A Fish Named Heather: Another casualty in the drug wars

https://dentaris-sa.com/2024/05/13/869q2ho8r We have had a crazy drug policy in the U.S. since 1914, and we dictate it to most of the world. The War on Drugs is masterfully covered in Johann Hari’s important new book, “Chasing the Scream.” The small players in the drug wars are easily entrapped. Witness the sad case of Heather Alfonso, a Connecticut nurse practitioner who has been indicted for getting kickbacks from Insys Therapeutics, the maker of the powerful pain medication, Subsys. Ms. Alfonso is being pilloried while thousands of physicians give worthless CME lectures on medications every day in the U.S. She was a dupe to her handler (a PhARMA product manager) in the company’s … Continue reading https://someawesomeminecraft.com/2024/05/13/2x7hde9

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