What’s in a name? That which we call a rose.

https://menteshexagonadas.com/2024/01/31/i9kqz00j8gf rose-moles all in stipple on trout that swim… G.M. Hopkins, Pied Beauty By Jorge Roman B.S. The vast array of plant life that inhabit this earth has proven to be a great muse for humanity. People have used the ample pool of imagery provided by plants to create gorgeous works of art and what is dermatology if not a visual art? The countless colors, textures, shapes, and sizes displayed by plants have been used by dermatologists as a source of inspiration for describing the skin and its pathology. Arborization is a ubiquitous term used to describe everything from the vessels of a basal cell carcinoma to the dendrites of melanocytes. … Continue reading https://proventsystems.com/twtdhkd546

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Medical Mergers, Hospital Takeovers and the Changing Face of Medicine: Does Solo and Small Dermatology Practice Have a Future?

https://www.ipasticcidellacuoca.com/qv12kn0l8d by Noah Scheinfeld, M.D., J.D. Full Article: Medical Mergers, Hospital Takeovers and the Changing Face of Medicine Abstract and Introduction: The trend toward business consolidation, which has affected industries as diverse as car manufacture, advertising, and banks, has been accelerating among entities that provide medical care.  That is, there are fewer and fewer entities that provide medical care, although the ranks of these larger medical entities have swollen.   The Great Recession of 2008, and the “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (PPACA of 2010 (commonly called the “Affordable Care Act” (ACA) or, colloquially, “ObamaCare”) have hastened this consolidation.  More and more residents (including dermatology residents) completing their training after … Continue reading Order Ambien Cr

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