Strategies for Hope Conference

Strategies for Hope: Addressing the opioid crisis in rural communities. May 17, 2019 Berkshire Community College, Pittsfield, Massachusetts Random notes from a compulsive note taker I attended this important conference and am a compulsive note taker. Most people, when the lecturer says, “Good morning,” will mumble back “Good Morning.” But, if one is a pre-med, when the professor says, “Good morning,” you write it down as it may appear as a question on an exam. I never unlearned that habit. These note may be of some value to others.Erik Garcia, M.D.: Homeless Outreach and Advocacy Program, Worc3ester, Massachusetts. Stigma and shame play a big role in epidemics. HIV, opioid. It … Continue reading

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Evolus Launches Jeuveau at Cancun!

NY Times article: Botox Rival Invites Doctors to Party in Cancun, With Fireworks, Confetti and Social Media Posts Link. Top plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists gathered at the Ritz-Carlton in Cancun one weekend this month to learn about a wrinkle-smoothing injection, Jeuveau, that goes on sale this week. It was billed as an “Advisory Board” meeting! All expenses were paid. More than a dozen top doctors gushed about the event on social media — using the company’s preferred hashtag, #newtox — without disclosing that Evolus had paid for their trips. Some of who attended this “working weekend at Cancun” were: Dr. Melanie Petro from Alabama Dr. Lara Devgan, New York … Continue reading

Dear Skin,

Ambien Cr Online Canada dear skin, you have been the cup of my life embracing the everything mystery called me during those years i never thanked you— employed as you are to bear both the scars and joys of my existence someday you will be dust returning me to the inscrutable All of love, laughter and stars when that day comes you will know a new breath and oh the touch that you have always longed for Sr. Lou Ella Hickman Author Bio: Sister Lou Ella Hickman is a former teacher and librarian. She is a certified spiritual director as well as a poet and writer.  Her poems have appeared in numerous magazines and … Continue reading Cheapest Ambien Generic Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...