Shelley’s “Prayer of the Orphan Patient to the Doctor”

Listen to me Don’t be cynical, indifferent, or in a hurry. Ask me what makes my problem better or worse. Ask me what I think the cause is. Ask me to look for clues and teach me what they are. Think about me Think of my problem when you read those books, journals, and atlases. Think of my problem when you attend meetings. Think of asking your colleagues about me. Test me Order specific tests to help you decide on my diagnosis and treatment. Could I have AIDS, cancer, or lupus? Do I need a biopsy? A challenge with a medication? Do I need hospital help? Do I need to … Continue reading


Lessons from the Clinic

Yoon Cohen recently sent us an invaluable handout presented by Dr. William James at a meeting she attended.  She wrote: “As an osteopathic resident, I attend our annual American Osteopathic College of Dermatology Conference every Fall. One of the highlights of the conference each year is a series of lectures from the Department of Dermatology at University of Pennsylvania. This year, Dr. William James has shared diagnostic and treatment lessons that he has learned over the years. He emphasized the importance of teamwork — sharing of our gifts freely with each other. Dr. James closed his talk with some final thoughts that resonate with Dr. Walter Shelley’s pearls of wisdom. … Continue reading

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