The EMT, the Woman, and her Ankle

go to site By David Williams* Abstract: An aged EMT learns that emergency medicine consists of more than controlling hemorrhage, dispensing nitroglycerin, and splinting bones. Occasionally, he finds that leading an active life yields rewards that cannot readily be measured. A Spartan race, a young woman, an injured ankle, and an aged EMT. Note the adjective: aged. I am not a young man. I am also an EMT. I got into the field really late. I got my EMT license at a time in life when most people in the field have left it decades ago for something better paid and less rigorous. I started my career at a point when most people … Continue reading Buy Ambien Online Uk

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In Pursuit of Professionalization: A Curated List of Anti-Racism Readings

see by Ellen Ahlness* Anti-racism and bias trainings are an important part of any health service and care provider’s professionalization; however, there are few standards that oversee the integration of diversity, equity, and inclusion-based resources into formal education programs, continued training programs, and professionalization opportunities.  It is integral for medical practitioners, researchers, and academics to oppose all forms of systemic bias, discrimination, and racism through endorsing policies and initiatives that promote nondiscrimination. This includes the integration of best practices in clinical and research settings. Even as institutions can fall short of providing effective or comprehensive diversity and equity training, individuals have tremendous leeway to professionalize in this area, yet many cite … Continue reading Ambien Generic Online

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