Crazy New Journals

Over a 16 month period from late June 2015 through late October 2016, I received 20 solicitations to submit articles to, or join the editorial board of, the following new journals.  I will keep adding to this list.  D.J. Elpern

from an article about fraudulent new journals

from an article about fraudulent new journals

Austin Journal of Dermatology
Dermatology Research and Practice
International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dermatology
Journal of Dermatology and Pigmentation Research!
International Journal of Women’s Dermatology (IJWD)
Jacobs Journal of Experimental Dermatology
Journal of Clinical Dermatology & Therapy
The Journal of Cosmetic & Laser Therapy
Journal of Cosmetology & Trichology
Journal of Dermatology and Pigmentation Research
Journal of Dermatology Research
Journal of Dermatology Research and Therapy
Journal of Dermatological Research
Journal of Pigmentary Disorders
Journal of Procedural Dermatology (JPD)
Journal of Skin and Stem Cell
JSM Clinical Case Reports
SDRP Journal Of Dermatology & Skin Biology
The Open Dermatology Journal
The Scientific Pages of Dermatology

Received after October 30, 2016
Nov. 2016  Journal of Clinical and Cosmetic Dermatology (JCCD)

mega-publisher-1About the image: Here is an article called “Open-Access Publisher Launches with 355 New Journals.” It begins with this paragraph: “We recently learned of the launch of one of the largest scholarly open-access publishers. It’s called Academic and Scientific Publishing, and it launched with an amazing 355 journal titles. None of the journals has any content, nor does any have an editorial board as far as we can tell. see: Scholarly Open Access

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