Dr. Edmund Ing—Expertise and Community Service in Hawaii

Presented by his son, Malcolm Ing, M.D.
Hot Spots in Dermatology, August 17 – 19, 2018

Dr.Edmund Ing succeeded despite the odds and challenges he had to face while  obtaining a medical degree and establish a practice  and expertise in urology in Hawaii.

  1. Poverty –Despite being born to an impoverished family,  Dr.Ing  was able to obtain excellent training in medicine and surgery and in his specialty—Urology. He was the first residency–trained Urologist in Hawaii after obtaining a Master of Medical Science at the University of Pennsylvania, which required a thesis to graduate from the program. There were no student loan programs, Medicare or Medicaid in those days.
  2. Prejudice- Being of  Asian dissent he had to resist the racial bias existing against him—He married my mother, a Caucasian, and purchased  a residence in a previously all white  neighborhood in Honolulu (Makiki Height-another first)
  3. Expertise–He was named a consultant in urology at all the major community hospitals, Molokai and Leahi treatment  centers for Hansen’s Disease, and  he provided treatment for Syphilis at the Venereal Disease Clinic at Palama Settlement for over 500 cases per month with what little medical treatment had to offer in the 1930’s.
  4. He was raised a Taoist, but  later  became a devout Christian and he served his community as the first Asian Deacon and Head Deacon at Central Union Church,
  5. Despite his age at the time, he was called to active duty and served in the US Army Medical Corps from December 7 1941 until honorable discharge as a Lt. Colonel in 1945 (He was a member of the Greatest Generation))
  6. Despite  being  not very “political” , he was elected President of the See Dai Doo Society.
  7. He helped organized the first medical insurance program in Hawaii -HMSA after  WWII.
  8. In the golden years of his medical career, he studied and practiced acupuncture and was one of the first MDs in Hawaii to use this treatment successfully in his practice.

Dr. Ing on Great Wall of China 1929


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