Litt’s “Hunk o’ Skin”

By Jerome Z. Litt

Reprinted from the Archives of Dermatology
May, 1961, Vol. 83, pp. 844-845

jerome_littJerry Litt writes: Back in 1961, I wrote an article — a poem — and submitted it to the Archives of Dermatology. The Editor at the time was so taken with it that he published it in the May, 1961 issue.”
[ Ed. note: Many of us were just kids then, or not even born!  It’s a hard piece to find — so here it is…]

Hunk o’ Skin
(The meter is from Kipling’s “Gunga Din)

You may talk of lungs and liver,
Of the twins you did deliver
And the kidney stones that passed you in the night;
But when it comes to itching,
All your fingers will be twitching
For the ointment that had better expedite.

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2 comments on “Litt’s “Hunk o’ Skin”

  1. Yoon Cohen on said:

    Thank you for posting this precious piece. It is simply brilliant!

  2. Bob Fine on said:

    Very clever.
    “61”, the year I opened my office.