The Great God Fred

Once in a generation or so,  there appears in our specialty, a charismatic individual whose creativity and intellect advance our knowledge and understanding in ways that were unanticipated.
The Great God Brandt

The Great God Fred

Dr. Frederic Sheldon Brandt was featured recently in a New York Times Style essay: The Man Behind the Face. His specialty is facial rejuvenation, and, if one believes the article, he and his associates are miracle workers.

Brant AssocThe Great God Fred and Associates’ website is worth visiting as well.  This is dermatology for the rich and famous. After reading the article and visiting the website, you can draw your own conclusions.

GGF Promo

Image from Brandt Associates website

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One comment on “The Great God Fred

  1. Deborah Alecson on said:

    The article states: “‘When he was 15, his father died from complications of juvenile diabetes; seven years later, his mother also died, unexpectedly, as he was entering his first year of medical school. ‘It was a lot to process, but you just have to forge ahead,’” he said.
    His forging ahead is his denial of death, aging and mortality. As far as his patients are concerned, they represent the rampant decadence that is our society.