Delusions of Infestation/Morgellons

Presented at Hot Spots in Dermatologgy
Kahuku, Hawaii
August 18, 2018
by Lauren Claypoole, MS1, John A Burns School of Medicine (University of Hawaii)

Lauren Claypoole at Her White Coat Ceremony July 2018

My presentation is called “Delusions of Parasitosis/Morgellons>  When I was at college, I was able to shadow a dermatologist for a month. He suggested I present two once-in-a-blue-moon cases that I observed at the clinic. Both patients taught me about the intricate crossover between the fields of dermatology and psychiatry, that I believe contributed significantly to my choice to be a psychology and neuroscience major shortly thereafter.

Full Talk: Delusions of Parasitosis/Morgellons

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