Hot Spots Presentations



Kahuku, Hawaii
August 17 – 19, 2018

Presentations in Alpha order by Speaker

Where Column # 4 has a “Y” the handout is at

Bintliff, Shay On Retirement Y
Claypoole, Lauren A Student’s Introduction to Delusional Parasitosis
Dann, Frank As I’ve Seen it over Four Decades
Elpern, Dave Who Was Michael Balint? Y
Esaki, Paul Flying solo with a complex patient
Glamb, Roman Paraneoplastic Pemphigus a Platform to Bloviate
Goo, Alana Flying solo with a complex patient
Ing, Malcolm Dr.Edmund  Ing: Expertise and Community Service In Hawaii Y
Johnson, Douglas Western Samoa, 2018
Johnson, Evan Navigating the Murky Waters of Legionella
Kamm, Lindsay My Lip Saga: From Panic to Peace Y
Karewicz, Mariana Metastatic Basal Cell Y
Katz, Alan Antibiotic resistant N. gonorrhoeae: an urgent public health threat
Kumar, Bhushan Non-venereal genital dermatoses Y
Kumar, Bhushan D/Dx of Dermatological diseases in relation to leprosy Y
Kumar, Bhushan Four Case Reports Y
Mann, Bob 25 years to Die
Rademaker, Marius How I use isotretinoin Y
Rademaker, Marius MTX for atopic eczema in the era of dupilumab Y
Rademaker, Marius Isotretinoin: Beyond Acne and Ichthyosis Y
Reese, Vail What’s in a Name?  Controversies Regarding Herpesviridae Taxonomy Y
Reese, Vail Dermatology in Cinema 2018 Y
Reizner, George Travels With the ISD
Schoenfeld, Michael My 20 Year History with Skin Cancer
Schoenfeld, Michael Close Encounters with Overmedicalization
Webster, Michael Radiotherapy Update 2018 Y


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