The Art and the Calling Reincarnated

Online Ambien Overnight In 1991, I was asked to edit a section for the Archives of Dermatology on “social and political” issues in dermatology. This became a column called “The Art and the Calling” that addressed the medical humanities. It was short-lived since the editors were not particularly interested in the humanities.  They preferred addressing the politics of medicine.

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go site “The Art and the Calling” received many positive comments and so, we will reprint the articles here and encourage our readers to submit new essays of their own.  The International Journal of Dermatology has a section called “On A Human Scale” which publishes occasional pieces and I will help you to submit there as well.

enter site However, The Online Journal of Community and Person-Centered Dermatology offers rapid publication without the encumbrance of tedious, often picky, peer review.  OJCPCD is a forum for dermatologists, trainees, students and perhaps most importantly patients and their families.

source Please enjoy OJCPD’s “Art and the Calling” section and submit your own pieces.
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