Healing from the Inside Out

Leah Yudle's Healing ArtMY SKIN has always been my weakest organ—hives, rashes, welts, acne, and itchy skin in reaction to foods, animal dander, chemicals, bug bites, and toxic fumes. So when I noticed patches of dry, rough, red skin on my lower torso in my early 50s, I accepted them as yet another sign of being oily above the neck and dry below. As the patches grew in size and number, I slathered on myriad flavors of lotions. Since no physician remarked about them during exams, I assumed there was no need to be concerned. In late 1999, I saw a dermatologist for a wart and asked about the patches. She offhandedly said she could biopsy them. Unable to get more out of her, I decided it couldn’t be worth pursuing when she seemed so cavalier.

A year later, I visited another dermatologist about the same recurring wart (now gone). When I showed her my patches, she was straight with me, verbalizing her suspicion of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL)–mycosis fungoides (MF). She sensitively answered my questions, printed an article off the Web for me, and performed 2 biopsies. Her honesty, knowledge, and compassion told me I’d be in good hands.

This figure is Ms Yudle’s painting of her lymph system surrounded by her four healing colors, as envisioned in her guided visualizations during tanning treatments for cutaneous T-cell lymphoma–mycosis fungoides.

Full article: Yudle Healing (pdf) or Yudle Healing (word file)
Leah Yudle's Healing ArtNote: This essay was originally published in “The Art and the Calling” section of the Archives of Dermatology,  June 2002
Healing From the Inside Out: One Person’s Path With Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma–Mycosis Fungoides by Leah Yudle.  Arch Dermatol. 2002;138(6):748-750

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