The Power of Hugs

The Power of Hugs
By Nicholas Kristof
NY Times, October 21, 2012

Nicholas Kristof’s “Sunday column looks at the recent research into the importance of early childhood interventions to reduce poverty and social problems. It’s something I’ve been interested in for some time, originally through the work of Dr. Jack Shonkoff at Harvard, and now a new book by Paul Tough beautifully assembles the evidence for what might be called the brain biochemical element of poverty — and the strategies to address it.”
The Op-Ed piece is a great summary of some of the points made by Paul Tough in “How Children Succeed,” a book which I, too, found really important.  We featured it on September 9 and 28, 2012 in Cell2Soul Blog.
If you have a chance, and interest, read Kristof’s “Cuddle Your Kids” and the C2S blog, too.

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