Magic and Medicine by Felix Sun

Felix is a fourth years student at Williams College where he is an accomplished tennis player, song writer, magician and chemistry major.

Abstract:  Felix Sun did a medical elective during January of 2012 in a dermatology office.  He drew on his experiences performing magic tricks for children and applied them to the clinical setting.  It became clear that sleight of hand goes a long ways towards making children (and some adults, too!) more comfortable in the clinical setting.

Keywords:  magic, patients, student elective, Williams College.

Magic. Is it real? That’s hard to say, but what it can create seems as “real” as it gets. That special moment when time literally stops and reality gets mushy is magic in and of itself. I’ve been trying to create moments like these ever since my elementary school counselor (The Great Mr. Schack) vanished a wooden block right before my eyes…. Full Text: Magic Felix Sun

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