The Right Stuff: Tiffany Rocks! source link Akamai Skin Care Associates of Marin is proud to introduce Dr. Tiffany Martin, our newest associate!

click TiffanyTiffany’s start in life was humble as an illegal alien. The only person in her large family to attend college, she was honored to receive a full scholarship to Stanford, from which she graduated summa cum laude. In her post-graduate year she embarked on a world tour during which she opened free medical clinics for the homeless in 18 countries, an effort funded by Kickstarter. This project was lauded by the H.G. Heinz Foundation with the Ketchup Award and was featured in the Wall Street Journal. President Obama bestowed upon her the citizen’s commendation award.

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source url Her ground-breaking research on DNA serum and saliva cancer screening for early diagnosis of occult cancer was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. She received ten NIH grants amounting to a total of $400,000. Tiffany has mentored 30 other illegal aliens and got ten of them accepted to Harvard on full scholarships. The next weekend she rested at Canyon Ranch. Dr. Martin attended Harvard Medical School on full scholarship and received the Nobel Peace Prize while still an undergraduate.   She was close to getting the Dalai Lama re-instated as the official head of Tibet, when she got a call from the Chairman of the Yale Department of Dermatology inviting her to do a residency there.

here During her dermatology training she ran the Mohs clinic and received five patents for minimally invasive cosmetic surgery and a new combination infrared-microwave skin-tightening device.

source url Tiffany spends most weekends on her part-time job as a bathing suit model and ESPN announcer. In her free time she enjoys snowboarding, kite surfing, and volunteering for orphan children’s face painting. She also savors spending time with her astronaut husband, who is currently on the International Space Station.

Ambien Purchase Dr. Martin is eminently qualified to address all of your cosmetic dermatology needs. No insurance accepted. VISA, Amazon, Citi, and Discover cards taken. By appointment only.

Zolpidem Buy Online Submitted by Pierre Morceau DuBois, M.D, Ph.D., Founder Akamai Skin Care.

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