Dermatologists on Display

source site Dermatologists on Television: As the Public Sees Us By: Ajay Kailas Email: University of Central Florida College of Medicine Keywords: dermatology, dermatologists, television, Seinfeld, Grey’s Anatomy, Television is an important medium of communication that allows millions to access unique viewpoints. How certain people or professions are portrayed can influence how the general public thinks about them. There are countless dermatologists in the world, who all have varied personalities, appearances, and practice styles. This begs the question, how are dermatologists portrayed on television? Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama that centers around the lives of several competitive surgical residents at Seattle Grace Hospital. During an intensive day, one of the … Continue reading

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The Right Stuff: Tiffany Rocks!

get link Akamai Skin Care Associates of Marin is proud to introduce Dr. Tiffany Martin, our newest associate! Tiffany’s start in life was humble as an illegal alien. The only person in her large family to attend college, she was honored to receive a full scholarship to Stanford, from which she graduated summa cum laude. In her post-graduate year she embarked on a world tour during which she opened free medical clinics for the homeless in 18 countries, an effort funded by Kickstarter. This project was lauded by the H.G. Heinz Foundation with the Ketchup Award and was featured in the Wall Street Journal. President Obama bestowed upon her the citizen’s commendation … Continue reading source url


Acne Unmasked

source url Bukowski on Acne From Ham on Rye Black Sparrow Press 1982 Ham on Rye, a semi-autobiographical novel, follows Henry Chinaski, Bukowski’s thinly-veiled alter ego, during his early years. It contains harrowing descriptions of Bukowski’s suffering from acne conglobata and his reflections on the dermatologists who treated him.  Fortunately, today, isotretinoin can help most of these patients. Here are some excerpts from Ham on Rye:   Chapter 29 I was ashamed of my boils at school.  At Chelsey, you had a choice between gym and ROTC.  I took ROTC because then I didn’t have to wear a gym suit and nobody could see the boils on my body. Handling the rifle … Continue reading

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