COI: Alive & Thriving at NEJM

COI: Alive and Thriving at the NEJM by David J. Elpern, M.D. Abstract: As a reader of the New England Journal of Medicine for more than 50 years, I have observed its growing entanglements with the pharmaceutical industry.  This analysis of a recent NEJM research article highlights authorial and editorial conflicts of interest (COI) and discusses how the Journal benefits financially from pharmaceutical advertisements for the very drug reported on in the Original Article.  What does this say about top tier medical publishing when the world’s most prestigious medical journal is clearly intertwined with the drug industry? The December 3, 2020 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), … Continue reading


Anatomy of a Paper: Adalimumab and the Medical-Industrial-Academic Complex

by David J. Elpern, M.D. The Skin Clinic 12 Meadow Street Williamstown, Massachusetts Something is rotten in the State of Phrma Abstract: Pharmaceutical companies, clinical researchers, key opinion leaders and respected medical journals often work in concert to promote and sell new medications. The biologics are the most profitable and competitive pharmaceutical market today. Herein, I analyze the background of a publication on the biologic, adalimumab in a prominent medical periodical. This cautionary tale may guide readers when they encounter similar ghost-driven PhRMA-sponsored research. Keywords: adalimumab, key opinion leaders, hidradinitis supprativa, medical publications, ghost writing, risankizumab, disclosures, conflict of interest For some years, I had been struggling to treat … Continue reading

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