Coconut Oil’s “Miraculous” Effects On Skin

By Adam Vo* Keywords: coconut oil, skin disease, personal experience, doctor-patient communication, eczema, moisturizer, skin care, dermatologist, skin, natural, doctor’s apostolic function Abstract This is a personal vignette of a student’s unusual encounter involving coconut oil, while shadowing the local dermatologist in Southern California. The narrator juxtaposes his childhood experiences as a dermatology patient with his adolescent experiences as a medical shadow. On a journey to discover the role of coconut oil in dermatological practice, the student learns about the various benefits of coconut oil, ranging from treatment for an array of skin disorders to a daily moisturizer. After an extensive literature review, the narrator’s appreciation for coconut oil increases, … Continue reading



Clara Luu’s poem is the most eloquent description of  severe atopic dermatitis ( often called S.A.D.)  that I have come across in a long dermatological career.  If you read it, you don’t need all the textbooks or review articles.  It speaks to what we are trying to do with the OJCPCD. Persistent scratches ripping through the tranquility of the night, and bedsheets dusty with flaked skin, mingled with dried blood in the mornings. Her skin stained with the purple sting of potassium permanganate, burning from the relentless scorch of tea tree oil, smothered in topical corticosteroids. Bandaged to retain moisture. Unbandaged to promote air flow. A blur of diagnoses and … Continue reading

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