Isotretinoin on a Global Scale

In the end, we are dependent on creatures we have made. Goethe  Isotretinoin and iPledge  on the Global Stage by Ava Atri, B.A. and David J. Elpern, M.D. Keywords: isotretinoin, regulation, iPledge program, teratogen Introduction Isotretinoin has revolutionized the treatment of acne since it was approved by the U.S. Federal Drug Administration in 1982. Because it is teratogenic, some countries rigorously regulate its prescriptions.  In the United States, prescribers and patients must comply with the iPledge Program in order to write or fill isotretinoin prescriptions.1  A chance discussion with a colleague from Iran, where isotretinoin can now be purchased without a prescription, led us to survey a number of other … Continue reading

Robotic Accutane Prescribing

Buying Generic Ambien Online Welcome to the Akamai Skin Clinic’s Robotic Accutane Centre. We recognize that many dermatologists do not want the hassle or liability of prescribing Accutane (a.k.a. isotretinoin) and so, we have developed a novel prescription system. Our certified realistic humanoid isotretinoin robotic paraprofessionals will make your office visit pleasant, entertaining and efficient. These Accu-Bots (ABs) have been programmed to care for people with severe acne since the clinician-patient interaction for this indication is structured and predictable. Our ABs have high-resolution scanners to grade your acne and compare your progress with previous visits. They also have the entire PUBMed database of isotretinoin articles in their memory to enhance patient care. Here is … Continue reading Order Zolpidem Tartrate

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Relative Risk – A Near Fatal Case of Acne

By Richard Sontheimer Professor, Department of Dermatology, University of Utah School of Medicine, Keywords:  Acne, isotretinoin, Accutane, depression, suicide He was an intense young man who interacted with me differently than other patients. Each time I entered the exam room, he welcomed me by using my first name.  Unusual, as he was 40 years my junior and not a personal acquaintance prior to his first clinic visit. He had presented for scarring cystic facial acne. Five months later, he had completed a course of oral isotretinoin (Accutane®) with complete clearing of all inflammation from his face. While winding up my last clinic visit with him, I asked the required … Continue reading Buying Ambien Online Overnight

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