Ode To The Skin Check

by Phyllis Klein* For my dermatologist, Dr. E.G. Oh splendid skin, major organ unashamed,external, interweaving of warp and wefton loom of a body. Familiar with cancers,this skin, sensitive, too close to the sun, burned with ultraviolet ghosts of rays haunting its surface when adolescents on picnics at beaches wouldn’t be caught dead with umbrellas. Days of bare heads, before invention of sunscreen, days of baby-oil with iodine and sun reflecting foilsrecommended to increase the tan that never came. Only blisters, scales, pomegranate colored burns. Aloe lotions, Noxemas melting into scalded expanse. Do not forget meand what I have to say. Oh splendid skin check, dermatologist peeringinto skin’s finished fabric for … Continue reading


Louis Chargin, M.D. (1879? – 1969)

Recollections of an Office Visit by, the then pre-teen, Barry Mayer, M.D., FACR My uncle had a dairy farm in Orange County, New York where I spent all summer and most of my vacations working and playing from the ages of about 7 to 11 years old. Our family primary care physician was a loyal referrer to Dr. Louis Chargin, a renown Bronx dermatologist. As a youngster I had seen him at least once for problems I can’t remember now. One summer, when I was around ten, I developed an annular eruption about 2-3 inches in diameter on the extensor surface of my right forearm.  It was a mystery to … Continue reading

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