Red Face Syndrome

Rhoda, a 41 year-old professional woman, has had a facial eruption off and on for a number of years.  It began with perioral dermatitis but evolved over time to the “red face syndrome.” What follows is her story and her dermatologist’s office notes. I had been diagnosed with perioral dermatitus many moons ago and was prescribed some wonderful topical steriod ointment to treat the red, ugly, pimply like eruptions. My dermatologist clearly warned me….”do not keep using this medicine, it will rebound and makes things even worse.” At the time I took it seriously; used the ointment for a few days and things cleared up nicely. Then the monster returned!!!!!  … Continue reading


Perioral Dermatitis: A Personal Odyssey

Attack of the POD People … EEEK ! (Don’t worry – the title is scary, but there’s a happy ending…) Abstract:  This is one woman’s narrative of her experiences with perioral dermatitis (POD).  In his film, Crimes And Misdemeanors, Woody Allen declares that comedy is tragedy plus time.  While POD was not exactly a tragedy for me; it did, however, negatively affect me physically and emotionally six months of the year.  In reading my attempts to ease the situation, feel free to laugh (or cry) both with me and at me! Keywords:  perioral dermatitis, self-care, self-diagnosis, illness narrative, stress, grief, doxycycline, POD Note:  This essay is better read in the … Continue reading

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