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https://www.skipintros.com/photos/98539/sk2njco8jk  by A.R. Pito and D.J. Elpern Sugata Mitra hit upon the idea of unsupervised learning by computers in an iconic study of slum children in India. This evolved into Self-Organised Learning Environments (SOLEs) where children search for answers to ‘big’ questions. Why not apply this idea to the medical environment? We envision a Consultative Cloud Clinic. The primary aim of Cloud Clinic is to enhance diagnosis and therapy in the interest of patient care and autonomy. Mitra’s School in the Cloud project enables small groups, to competently search for answers to ‘big questions’, drawing rational, logical conclusions. The concept can be usefully applied to ‘health questions.” Mitra and his colleagues … Continue reading https://nmth.nl/ljfssn6

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Perioral Dermatitis: A Personal Odyssey

follow site Attack of the POD People … EEEK ! (Don’t worry – the title is scary, but there’s a happy ending…) Abstract:  This is one woman’s narrative of her experiences with perioral dermatitis (POD).  In his film, Crimes And Misdemeanors, Woody Allen declares that comedy is tragedy plus time.  While POD was not exactly a tragedy for me; it did, however, negatively affect me physically and emotionally six months of the year.  In reading my attempts to ease the situation, feel free to laugh (or cry) both with me and at me! Keywords:  perioral dermatitis, self-care, self-diagnosis, illness narrative, stress, grief, doxycycline, POD Note:  This essay is better read in the … Continue reading https://www.larochellevb.com/2024/01/31/335kt6fa2

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