Goodbye Jag

Goodbye Jag: What a case-report will not tell. by Cornelis Kennedy Case reports (CRs) are considered an important tool in conveying information about unusual clinical cases. They serve an important purpose in sharing knowledge with colleagues about often unexpected outcomes. These clinical events are then chronologically presented, analyzed and at the end a conclusion is discussed. Often more is needed. Sometimes the information that is not presented in the CR provides insights that may have a bigger impact on us than the pure clinical data. Sometimes more needs to be said. Sometimes we find ourselves crying. It was late on a Wednesday morning when the resident called. My patient, Jag, … Continue reading


Tossed Photographs

by Marla Lukofsky Today I attended the funeral of my friend and neighbor of 35 years, Ms. Enid. No one knew her exact age except for her best friend Ruby, another neighbor here at The Burnside, our six-storey art deco apartment building that we all lived in. Enid was distinguished and healthy, but dementia grabbed her sensibilities in her last year. Because she was single and had no family, she was sent to a nursing home far away from The Burnside and her friends, a good forty-minutes drive on the highway. Her death has had a huge impact on me. I miss her tremendously, of course, and her passing has … Continue reading


Perioral Dermatitis: A Personal Odyssey

Attack of the POD People … EEEK ! (Don’t worry – the title is scary, but there’s a happy ending…) Abstract:  This is one woman’s narrative of her experiences with perioral dermatitis (POD).  In his film, Crimes And Misdemeanors, Woody Allen declares that comedy is tragedy plus time.  While POD was not exactly a tragedy for me; it did, however, negatively affect me physically and emotionally six months of the year.  In reading my attempts to ease the situation, feel free to laugh (or cry) both with me and at me! Keywords:  perioral dermatitis, self-care, self-diagnosis, illness narrative, stress, grief, doxycycline, POD Note:  This essay is better read in the … Continue reading

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